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Studio info: Pricing:
Studio3rdTrack is located in Öja, the west coast of Finland. Studio is equipped with the latest digital music production softwares combined with analog outboards, mixing console, mic preamps and signal processors. Together with acoustically treated environment gives an excellent possibilities to create the sound what your music deserves.

Studio3rdTrack / Pete Loisa
Näcksundintie 46
68550 Öja,Finland.
Tel. +358400128667
E-mail: pete(at)
Recording, editing and mixing
25 € / hour
180 € / 8 hours
Ask price for larger projects.

Online mixing/mastering for already recorded tracks.

30 €/song

All prices include sound engineer.

Equipments: References / clients:
Softwares and converters:
Cubase8,5, RME Digi 9652 soundcard, Waves native power pack, Drumagog etc. plugins, RME ADI 8 AE AD/DA, Creamware A16 Ultra

Console, processors and preamps:
Mackie 24/8 analog mixing console, TL Audio 5001 Ivory II, SPL Goldmike, Focusrite Penta

Genelec 2x1030A,1x5040A Yamaha HS50M, AKG K-271 Studio, AKG K 240DF, AKG K-77, Beyerdynamic DT770M, Art 4-channel headamp, The T.Bone HD880

Shure SM58/SM57, Sennheiser E604/E602, AKG D 112, Rode NT1-A, Rode NT5, The T.Bone SC100 II Stereoset, The T.Bone SCT2000

Instruments and other stuff:
Marshall JCM800 guitar amplifier head + 4x12" cabinet, Laney TF200 guitar amplifier, Radial X-amp reampbox, DI-boxes, Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar, Landola and Yamaha acoustic guitars, Malmsjö piano, some guitar effect pedals, tambourine etc.
Cannibal Death God, Giant Nivea, Ground Surround, Immortal Souls, Jackripper, Jet Black Roots, MadCube, Mesetiah, SoundOn, Twisted Films