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Guitar:Toni Olkkola, Vocals:Marko Rintala, Drums:Juha Olkkola, Bass:Matti Olkkola

Mesetiah was formed in the beginning of 2008. It didn´t take long before the band had found their own style and sound. "Headbang ´til you bleed", has been they motto since the beginning and they deliver it with aggressiveness, combined with killer riffs. After one year intensive writing and rehearsing period Mesetiah took part in a band contest in May 2009 and won at their very first show! A few months later we saw band sharing the stage with Finland´s top artists at Kokkola Rock festival! Not a bad start for these young headbangers. So, why stop now when the metal is melted. Mesetiah´s debut album "The Purpose of Our Existence" is released 31th of December 2009!

-Tesis- EP (2014)
1.The Abomination
2.Legacy Of The Damned
3.Into The Abyss
5.Cause Of Anger
6.Mother Of All Executions

Format : CD-audio, total playing time
-A Force To Recognize- album (2011)
1.A force to recognize
2.There is no such thing as salvation
3.Destruction from the dungeon
4.Eaten by the sun
5.Break a neck
6.Razorblades for breakfast
7.Bones in the basement
8.Gruesome blues
9.There will be blood
10.No rest for the dead
11.The inevitable

Format : CD-audio, total playing time 42:06
-The Purpose Of Our Existence- album (2009)
1.Self-caused holocaust
2.Victims of the sick minded
3.The prophesy
4.Life means nothing
5.The purpose of our existence
6.Blood metal (headbang till you bleed)
7.The side-effects of impulsiveness
8.Whiskey for the pain
9.Beyond the gates of hell
10.Rejection of belief

Format : CD-audio, total playing time 39:36