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Vocals:Tuomas Känsäkangas, Drums:Mika Rintala, Guitar:Janne "Zenna" Pollarikoski, Bass:Topi Myllykangas

Jackripper came together by chance in the late 2004 when a band was needed to support a certain Finnish rock vocalist in a certain venue. Topi called Mika, since they had played together in a band for a few years before. Mika on the other hand knew Tuomas and Janne since childhood, so the band was put together quite easily, and the required list of songs (which included Whitesnake, Deep Purple etc) was practised. However, the whole mentioned venue was cancelled, but since the band was already put together and it seemed to rock, the guys decided to try it out for a while. After some demos Jackripper made their first studio recording in 2007, an EP with six tracks followed by a full length LP in 2008.

-Time Traveller-album (2015)
1. Last of the dying breed
2. Miracle
3. Down
4. Time traveller
5. Reason
6. Fall down fast
7. I loved you
8. Bad dream
9. Redheaded woman
10. My yesterday
11. Piece of my mind
12. Goodbye my dear

Format: CD-audio
Total playing time 45:30
-Piece Of My Mind- digisingle (2011)
1. Piece of my mind
2. Beautiful day

Format: Digital + limited CDr edition
Total playing time 07:15
-Broken- album (2008)
1. Could I ever feel?
2. Running away
3. No shame (don´t you really have)
4. Flying
5. Boystown (Jesse Dayton cover)
6. Jackripper
7. Your poison
8. Out of my hands
9. Broken
10. Here I go
11. Boystown (acoustic)

Format : CD-audio, total playing time 40:06
-Jackripper- EP (2007)
1. The life
2. Big sister
3. Hey you
4. Why´d you leave me
5. Hell breaks loose
6. Master lover

Format : CD-audio, total playing time 20:06